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About Us

We love what we do

We started as a small team creating content. Over the years we’ve added more team members, and even some other small teams, and with each addition we’ve increased what we can offer our clients. The goal was simple: no matter what a client needed, we’d have them covered. So here we are today. Still growing. Still learning. Still building our services to meet any business need a client can bring to the table.

Our business is none of your business. That may sound harsh, but we’re firm believers in people playing to their strengths. So all those roadblocks that don’t have anything to do with what you offer your clients? All that ‘staying current’ in digital systems and processes? All the equipment and expertise needed to create professional content? We do all that so you can focus on what you do best.

We also play board games on Thursdays!


Meet the pros

Here are just a few of the friendly faces you’ll have on your team.

Aaron - Web-sized

Aaron Furlong

Colby - Web-sized

Colby Jardine

Levi - Web-sized

Levi Lawrence

Ben - Web-sized

Ben Coy

Head of Content / Sr. Creative


The grapevine

We’re all about building lasting relationships with our clients. The more we know of what you need, the more we can deliver. Here are some testimonials that had us blushing.

John Swain
Swain CPA
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"When I think of our continued experience with Iron House, I think ‘comfort’. It’s nerve-racking presenting on video, which can get in the way of the good stuff. We feel comfortable and at ease with Iron House - they help us shine. And, their finished products are stunning!"
Beth Henderson
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"I have worked with the IronHouse Pro group for the last four years. Without question, they are professional, highly skilled, and a pleasure to work alongside. As a New Brunswick-based, content creation hub and a professional solutions management vendor, they offer world class service, valuable expertise, and a next level final product each and every time."
Bill Roche
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"We have been so impressed with the entire Iron House team. They are extremely professional, talented, and easy to work with. They have a wealth of experience to bring to the table and are flexible and collaborative in their approach. Most of all we are impressed with the final product… Iron House helps us tell our story in a way that is engaging and impactful."

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